Shivam Surveying System Delhi
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About the Company

Shivam Surveying System DelhiA core surveying professionals experienced in major international projects carried out by the companies having a cutting edge reputation in their business founded what is now called Shivam surveying  system, a surveying and engineering company born in India. Although young in business, Shivam surveying  system steps ahead with principals and provides custom tailored professional solutions.

Shivam Surveying System is a leading Land surveying company dealing with Infrastructure projects. The company started its journey in the year 2000 with a team of dedicated and true professional. During this short term company achieved new height in the guidance of its founder and Managing Director. Shivam surveying system provides a comprehensive range of surveying services, using traditional techniques and the latest technology to produce well presented, and accurate drawings which clearly  represents the features surveyed. Our Services include Topographical surveys for estate developers, Hydrographic surveys for Environment Agency regions & consulting engineers, GPS along with total station  surveys for major construction projects,  Building floor plan and elevation surveys for architectural practices & Local Authorities and laser scanning surveys. More >>

About the Survey

Shivam Surveying System DelhiTo bring your infrastructure dreams come Alive .........
The road is long and our responsibility towards development is  huge. We at Shivam surveying system, have taken it upon ourselves to invest all our energies in ensuring that the fruits of our labour reach every corner of India. We indigenize the latest global technologies to local conditions and terrain to extract maximum results and the tangible benefits are being experienced in various parts of the country. Shivam surveying system is dedicated to sustainable development. Every project and endeavour that we undertake adheres the responsibility ensuring that everything that we do has a positive impact on the environment and the world around us. More >>

Our Services

Shivam Surveying System Delhi
Shivam Surveying System is  specialists in precise engineering set out for major projects. We have an array of  of modern equipment, software and expertise to deliver exactly what you require to make your project run successfully and accurately. Shivam Surveying Systemare is able to provide a full range of surveying services throughout the India . We offer an  extensive range of services...
Archaeological Surveys
As-Built Surveys
CAD Services
Cartography and Reproduction
Check Surveys
Design Work by 3rd Parties
Digital Terrain Modeling
Film Location Surveys
Flood Risk Assessment
GIS Data Collection
Golf Course Surveys
GPS Surveys
Hydrographic River Surveys
Laser Scanning Surveys
Measured Building Surveys
Monitoring Work
Pipeline Surveys
Railway Work
Right to Light Surveys
Setting Out
Site Visualisation
Topographical Surveys
Underground Services
Update Surveys

Our Quality and customer satisfaction

Shivam Surveying System DelhiShivam surveying system  take quality and customer satisfaction seriously.
Shivam surveying system  has alligned itself with  established quality providers to ensure  best quality,technical support,and latest technology .We belive that the success of operational practice builds when proper attention is given the safety of the people as well as the sorrounding enviornment. More>>

We are Located here !!

Shivam Surveying System DelhiShivam Surveying System

B-6/135, Sector-8, Rohini,New Delhi 110085

Phone : 011 - 27945302 ; Fax : 011 - 27945302

Email :

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