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Boundary Demarcation
Shivam Surveying System Delhi

Boundary demarcation surveys can be carried out for any one of the following reasons:

  • Property Sub-Division :
    If part of a parcel of land is to be sold, a transfer or conveyance plan will be required by the Land Registry in order to create a new title for the land Shivam surveying system can produce the necessary plans to Land Registry requirements.
  • Adverse Possession :
    If you wish to apply to the Land Registry for adverse possession of a parcel of land, you will require a plan showing the area of land you wish to claim. Shivam surveying system can produce the necessary plans to Land Registry requirements.
  • First Registration :
    Shivam surveying system can produce plans suitable for first registration. The area of land will be assessed and a decision made whether or not it is necessary to carry out a measured survey of the boundaries. We will obtain the index map from the Land Registry which shows all the surrounding registered land and obtain any relevant title plans in order to ensure there are no overlaps or gaps left on the boundaries of the land to be registered. Shivam surveying system has considerable experience of first registration, from small plots of land to estates in excess of 2000 acres.
  • Boundary Setting Out :
    This usually occurs following property sub-division where a boundary line on a legal plan is required to be staked out on the ground. Shivam surveying system may also be called upon to stake out a boundary where an old boundary has been destroyed for some reason
  • Rights of Way :
    If a land owner wishes to grant a right of way, Shivam surveying system can produce coloured plans to various scales for use in drawing up the legal agreement for the introduction of the right of way.Disputes often arise where rights of way are poorly defined in legal documents. The most common problem is the width of the right of way. If such a dispute arises, Shivam surveying system can assist by producing plans showing the existing physical ground features in relation to the various legal plans which may be available.
  • Lease Plans :
    • The implementation of the Land Registration Act 2002 brought about the requirement for registration of leases.
    • Part of the new requirement was the submission of plans with lease agreements that showed the limit of the lease and any new accompanying Rights of Way.
    • Conforming to the Land Registry requirements, JC White Geomatics Limited can prepare necessary plans quickly and accurately.

We are often contacted with regard to queries concerning confirmation of site extents / legal boundaries etc.. In some cases there is confusion, and in others there is a dispute between neighbours.We aim to offer assistance, without running up unnecessary costs for the persons involved.

If the client / landowner is in possession of legal drawings that contain sufficient dimensional information, (e.g. specified distances of boundary fence-lines from specified points etc.,) then we should be able to attend site and re-establish / “set-out” this information, and mark-up the ground as necessary.Often, however, the only information available is a Land Registry plan, based on Ordnance Survey background mapping. This mapping is often derived from aerial photography, and not physically measured / surveyed on the ground. Therefore, the plan showing the site plot may not be accurate enough to establish the actual site limits.

We are experienced topographical surveyors, and can attend site and survey physical visible above ground features, e.g. building positions, boundary fences etc., but we are not able to confirm where the actual legal boundaries are, unless we are given sufficient specific dimensional information to enable us to reproduce it on site. It should be borne in mind that there may be physical features around the perimeter of a site, e.g. hedge root-lines, fence-lines etc., that “look” like the extents of the site, but these may not actually be the legal boundaries.

If you have a boundary query, we shall be pleased to offer advice. If the information available is particularly vague or confusing, and / or if there is disagreement between neighbours, it may be necessary to seek legal advice and appoint a Chartered Surveyor to establish the legal boundaries and offer evidence as an Expert Witness.

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